Pig Feed Pellet Size

Pig feed pellet size impact on pig performance Pigs are monogastric animals with a relatively simple digestive system,which required easily digestible, high quality feed. Feed particle size is an important factor that determines feed efficiency and gut health in pigs and poultry. Feed processing therefore need to evolve, with an increased focus on the complex interactions between pellet characteristics, [...]

Mechanization of Livestock In Kenya

Mechanization of livestock production trends in Kenya Livestock have always been an important part of agricultural production in Kenya. It contributes about 10% of Kenya's GDP.Livestock production in Kenya is a key sector encompassing cattle, camels, goats and poultry. But mechanization for operations is limited. Most operations are manually undertaken. These include; feeding and watering, animal protection, [...]

How To Add Feed Molasses For Cattle ?

How to add feed molasses for cattle daily food ? Molasses is a kind of feed additive,which refers to a small amount or trace substance added in the production and processing of feed.Even added amount is small in the feed but the efficient is significant. Feed additives are inevitable raw materials for modern feed industries, which can [...]

Diesel Feed Mixer Machine To Kenya

Diesel drive cattle feed mixer machine export to Kenya One of the customers from Kenya has ordered 1 set feed crusher machine and 1 set feed mixer machine,which is used for cattle feed making. He bought machines with diesel engine drive .Based on the actual condition and requirements of our client, we designed the diesel engine feed [...]

Diesel Fish Feed Extruder To Nigeria

Diesel engine fish feed extruder machine to Nigeria At beginning of 2022, one of our client in Nigeria purchased a diesel engine drive fish feed extruder machine.It was the first time for this customer producing floating type fish feed pellet , when this fish feed extruder runs stalely, he planned to start to build a fish plant.He [...]

Feed Raw Materials Storage And Handling

Feed raw materials storage and handling Safety feed refers to feeding animals, and various components do not generate organics and inorganic products that endanger human health. The safety feed can be produced only by strictly controlling all aspects of the processing process. The main factors affecting feed safety include feed raw materials quality, feed raw materials storage, [...]

How To Feed Sheep ? Daily Food And Management

How to feed sheep ? Daily food and management Sheep farming is good way for many farmers' entrepreneurship, they are hoping to create good benefits through sheep farming. The rapid development of the flock, the rapid weight of the sheep is inseparable from scientific management methods.It’s mainly to make the sheep grow rapidly and shorten the cycle [...]

How To Make Paper Pellet ?

How to make paper pellet for waste recycling ? Waste paper is produced in our daily life, they are shredded documents, cardboards, copy papers, paper cartons, discarded newspapers and magazines at office, classroom, store, street and home.They are not totally the waste and have a very high value. The waste paper has many usages, like packing some [...]

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