Diesel drive cattle feed mixer machine export to Kenya

One of the customers from Kenya has ordered 1 set feed crusher machine and 1 set feed mixer machine,which is used for cattle feed making. He bought machines with diesel engine drive .Based on the actual condition and requirements of our client, we designed the diesel engine feed crusher machine and diesel engine feed mixer machine. Before delivery, the equipment was inspected seriously and well packaged. The photos below are taken during the inspection and loading process.

diesel animal feed mixer machine    diesel animal feed crusher machine

Feed manufacturing contains a series of steps,the one of the most essential and critical operations in the process of feed manufacturing is mixing. Where the individual ingredients are combined into their proper ratios and uniformity distributed throughout the entire mass.
Zeno pellet machine offer animal feed mixer machine in several different types; Vertical, horizontal,and stainless steel mixer machine. These mixers are used for a variety of animal feeds for cattle feed, poultry feed, pig feed, fish feed,chemical industrial etc. The technology used in the designing and construction of these mixers provides exact mixing action to produce a well-mixed product.

cattle feed mixer machine factory
Vertical Feed Mixer

These are suitable for fine mixing (up to 99.5%) of medium to coarse dry materials. this type of mixer is supplied with a breather to prevent overloading in automated situations.
The vertical feed mixer machine uses a belt and pulley drive thus reducing the power consumption.
This design allows for long maintenance intervals and is easy to operate.
It is available in capacities of 500 Kg, 750 Kg, 1000 Kg, 1500 Kg and 2000 Kg. Open-type vertical mixers with one or more serrated auger blades are very suitable for granular and powder (Corn,wheat ,maize ,flour etc.) mixing with primary ingredients.

feed crusher mixer machine

Horizontal Mixer

These are suitable for fine mixing (up to 99.5%) of medium to coarse dry materials of Low moisture content (>13%).
The Horizontal Mixer uses motor with geared function coupled direct or with gearing function obtained through chain drive.
This type of mixer is robust, easy to use and requires little maintenance.
This type of mixer is very efficient even with the presence of fats and molasses
Available in capacities of 150kg,300kg,500 Kg,1000 Kg and 2000 Kg.

ribbon mixing machine

Stainless steel mixer machine

Stainless steel mixer machine are widely used for homogeneous mixing of dry granules and powders such as concentrates or premixes.
Our ranges of stainless mixer are based on a proven agitator construction that provides a triple mixing action ensuring fast, efficient blending.
Stainless steel materials with long service life and low residue.

stainless steel mixer machine

Zeno pellet machine offering in durable, easy to use, energy efficient designs in various models to suit all applications. We manufacture our machines with simple operation and maintenance of the machine with the clients in mind. This way, ease of maintenance becomes second nature hence increasing the service life of the machine.

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