Diesel engine fish feed extruder machine to Nigeria

At beginning of 2022, one of our client in Nigeria purchased a diesel engine drive fish feed extruder machine.It was the first time for this customer producing floating type fish feed pellet , when this fish feed extruder runs stalely, he planned to start to build a fish plant.He said floating fish feed pellet is friendly to the environment, having bright prospect in the local fish farming market.

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According to the feeding characteristics of different aquatic animals, such as benthic animals such as river crabs, they are accustomed to looking for food at the bottom of the water, using a slower feeding method, so that the required feed pellets should not be too hard, too strong, and should be as salty as possible. Loss caused by fine debris during biting. From this point of view, the puffed feed is more suitable: the puffed and granulated feed is easy to absorb and soften, suitable for foraging, and can also reduce the loss of debris generated during foraging, reduce feed waste and water pollution. Moreover, the expanded feed has a long water resistance and a high degree of ripening.

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Advantage of floating fish feed pellet

More palatable: With the pressure applied at extrusion, the feed is made softer and digestible. The feed also retains all the natural sweetness as the drying process is gentle on the feed. It retains the flavor efficiently making the feed suitable for both young and mature fish.
Healthier: With increased digestibility and high nutrient retention, extruded feed is highly nutritious. With the efficient processing that retains all the nutrients while efficiently integrating with your vitamin supplements, the fish will convert over 90% of the feed. This is way higher than ordinary pellets can achieve.
Reduced wastage: Extruded feed is compact when and during processing and delivery, there is zero spillage or scatter. The feed spreads evenly on the water for more coverage allowing the fish to enjoy evenly as it dissolves into the water.
Hygienic and safer: The cases of untreated feed causing infection and disease are eliminated in the extruded feed. With high temperature over 100 degrees Celsius and high pressure, bacteria and other living organisms are eradicated. This keeps the feed healthy.

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Extruded feed activates starch at the optimum temperature for quick conversion to glucose which is more soluble and digestible. The fat content in the feed is also optimized with reduced lipase action which is a necessary component of the fish feed. This machine is the best tool for manufacturing the most edible aquatic feed. (Maybe you are also interested in our fish feed production line cost )

Tthe global animal feed processing industry is developing rapidly, and the demand for feed processing machinery continues to expand. More and more investors and farmers have started to buy fish feed extruder machines and build their own fish feed farms to produce feed pellets.
Extruded fish feed is designed according to your specific feed portion and style. With the increased cost of feed and the demand for healthier fish, extruded fish feed is enormously beneficial.
If you are looking for reliable diesel fish feed extruder supplier and make high quality fish food or bait, You can contact us to get detailed quotation.

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