How to feed sheep ? Daily food and management

Sheep farming is good way for many farmers’ entrepreneurship, they are hoping to create good benefits through sheep farming. The rapid development of the flock, the rapid weight of the sheep is inseparable from scientific management methods.It’s mainly to make the sheep grow rapidly and shorten the cycle of sheep.

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Daily management for sheep

First, the farmers should choose excellent goat breeds.Good goat growth rate is faster and basic the good management, they can increase weight about 15 pounds per month.They also have better reproduction, which is suitable for intensive management of rural areas. Good sheep variety has strong adaptability, but human management is also an important factor, it’s include environmental, feed, etc. So in terms of feeding, farmers need to do some preparations, this is the beginning of successful breeding.
Second, stable breeding can improve the growth rate of the sheep. The growth rate of the stable breeding is better than grazing significantly. Because the activity area is small,which is reduce the physical energy consumption of sheep.It can concentrate in the growth of the sheep.
The coil of the raising house should be built in the position of the terrain and the back of the wind, and the sheep house should keep the place to install the feeding and drinking airy. There should be drainage facilities under the sheep house, and there should be sheep bed in the house. It’s easy to use fermented beds; The sheep house should have the wind facilities in winter season, the door and window push pull should be intact. Those basic facilities playing the role of rushing, which can improve the temperature at least 4 to 7 degrees.
The sheep farm should be disinfected regularly.The farmers can use sodium hydroxide solution or lime milk, etc., To disinfect the sheep house, tank, water dispenser, raised sheep tool, and activity area.
The breeding households can be submitted reasonably, and the farmers can divide sheep into specialized circles according to different ages, different physical conditions.Such as production rooms, lamb rooms, breeding rooms, sick sheep isolation rooms, etc. The sheep need special care at different stages .

daily sheep food

Daily food for sheep

The sheep feed formula and scientific feeding are also an important way to improve the growth rate of sheep. Sheep is a herbivore.A healthy sheep’s diet should consist primarily of grasses, either fresh (in the form of quality pasture) or dried (in the form of hay).
The sheep’s farming is generally based on the coarse material. In addition to grazing, some materials can be added appropriately to improve the growth rate.The scale breeding with artificial ingredients.The farmer can feed hay, can also use corn, bran, soybean meal, grass flour, bone meal, etc., The grazing and feed can give full play to the superiority of excellent sheep breed production, improve the benefits of breeding.

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However, the energy of the grass is not high, which is unfavorable growing. So farmer must give sheep full nutrients and have a variety of rich, balanced, and this factor is very important.Here is a scientific feed formulation for sheep farmer,the farmer can use animal feed pellet machine to processing those materials into compound feed pellet : 60% corn, 20% soybean meal, 15% wheat bran, then add 5% of premix.
When the feeding ,it’s better 40% of the fine compound and 60% of the coarse feed , it can improve the growth rate of the sheep at a certain period of time. It should be noted that the amount of fine feed can not exceed 40%. If this ratio is higher, the sheep can cause indigestion; During the rapid weighting stage, the fine material cannot be less than 30%, otherwise it is not effective.The nutrition is not enough will reduce the growth rate of the sheep and affects the benefits.

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