How to maintain feed pellet machine  ?

Nowadays,the structure of the feed pellet machine has been constantly updated. No matter how the structure is changed, the mold as a vulnerable part must always be replaced. And the expensive mold is also big cost in the production process of feed pellets. Whether it is properly maintained or not directly affects the service life of the mold, and therefore directly affects the processing cost of feed pellets. So how can we make the mold of the feed pellet machine last longer ?

How to maintain feed pellet machine ?

Here are several tips from Zeno Pellet Machine

1.Clean up the oil materials regularly

The oil materials is used to replace the raw materials in the mold hole after the end of production every day. If the mold is not used for more than one month, it is better to take out the oil materials from the mold, because the oil materials will gradually harden during the storage process for a long time, which will make it difficult to remove when working, it will affect the subsequent use of the mold seriously .

2.Clean the mold if not use for a long time