How to make straw pellet? Straw pellet production for fuel or feed

Straw refers to dry stalks of oat plants, after the grain and debris have been evacuated .which is the residues remain from harvesting grain plants. It is a kind of agrarian by-product.Straw can be burned directly, but it is difficult to use, store and transport because of big volume and low weight.After being pressed by a straw pellet machine, smooth and density straw pellets will be made,it can be stored for a very long time and they are clean and convenient to use and transport.
Straw pellet is a kind of pressed pellet, it can be used as feed for animal farming or fuels in home use .The shape of straw pellets are similar to a cylinder, it is generally 3-8mm in diameter and 10-30mm in length. Straw pellets are made from the straws of various plants including wheat, rice, corn, etc. They can be produced by straw pellet mill either in the pellet processing factory or in your own farm.