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animal feed crusher machine

Animal feed crusher machine for sale,fodder mill manufacturer

Powder size : Can be customed

Application : Animal feed,poultry feed,pet food,fish feed materials crushing

Raw materials : Cereal,corn,wheat,grass,stalk, straw,alfalfa, oil seed meal/cake,edible leaf,etc


ZNFQ series animal feed crusher machine is a kind of processing machine which is specialized used for crushing materials by the collision between the high-speed hammer and materials. The raw materials was fed into hammer mill are crushed to appropriate powder for the feed mixer processing. For realizing different processing effects, you just need to change the screen with different size holes. With competitive price, simple structure and high efficiency, fodder mill mainly used in farms.It can be used independently or be the first part of complete feed pellet production line.

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Features of animal feed crusher machine

1.Widely application. It can process both agricultural materials and pharmaceutical &industrial materials such as corn stalk, peanut shell, dry grass,cotton stalk , and Chinese medicine crops, coal,coal residue,etc.
2.Simple structure for easy daily maintenance.Good maintenance and operate contributes to long service life of a machine.
3.Cheap Price.Because of low price and high efficiency, this small grinding machine is the ideal equipment for the farm owner, family use,small and middle size feeding factory.
2.Reasonable design.Final powder size can be adjusted according to replacing the different size screen. Moreover the ability to change screen size, and the option of a variable speed frequency drive control, enable the crusher to processing a variety of materials.
5.Easy operation and low energy consumption.High accurate and consistent product grinding,this will greatly save your money and time.
6.Long service life.Core part-hammers are made of high quality carbon alloy steel,which is durable and wear-resistant,it can ensure long service life and excellent processing effect.

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Precaution of Fodder mill

1.This fodder mill consists of motor,feeding hopper, rotor, screen sieve, hammer blades, working fan, feed sucking pipe, etc.
2.Consumable parts should be inspected frequently and replaced in time to ensure production quality and production volume.Hammer blades and screen sieve are main and crucial parts in crushing production, which plays prominent role in affecting the capacity and quality of feed particles. Especially screen sieve accounts for 70% of what determines the finished particle size. As easily worn components, hammer blades and sieve should be checked whether they are worn after a certain working period,you should replaced them to ensure great grinding efficiency.
3.The blade and the liner should be checked for wear frequently. If it is worn, the productivity will decrease and the powder size will not as expect ,it need to be replaced.
4.When the new machine is running, the transmission belt is easy to stretch. Please pay attention to adjust the proper tightness of the belt ,it can ensure the working life of the belt,also keep machine in good condition.
5.During the production process, the user need keep attention on the machine,if the bearing temperature rise too high ,like exceeds 50 °C, the machine should be turn off for inspection.

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Work principle of animal feed crusher machine

The raw material enters into crushing chamber through feed hopper and is held there until it is reduced to the size of the openings in the screen , and there are flailing hammers spinning very fast and close to a perforated screen.Under the drive of airflow, the broken material is moving along the rotor outer-edge and has a continuous collision and friction against the hammer, toothed plate and sieve, then the broken material is crushed. Once the powder size smaller than screen holes, feed powder will pass through the screen.The powder discharge to the fan, and final crushed materials are blown through the cyclone and delivered into storage bags under the suction force of working fan.

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Technical Parameters of fodder mill






Diesel engine







100–200 3 4 50 350*550*850
ZNFQ360 200~300 5.5 10 110



300~500 7.5 10 160 700*650*1050
ZNFQ420 500~700 11 15 180



800~1000 15 20 210 900*850*1250
ZNFQ600 1000–1500 22 30 510



1500~2000 37 45 620


Working Video