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Cat litter pellet making machine price for paper tofu litter

Pellet size : 1.5mm,3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm,7mm,8mm, etc

Application : Cat etc.

Raw materials : Cereal,corn,wheat,grass,stalk, straw,alfalfa, oil seed meal/cake, fish meal, etc.


ZNLH series cat litter pellet making machine is popular and applicable for processing cat litter pellets with pellet size: 1.5-12mm.It can be used to process cat litter pellets using bentonite, wood, wood fiber, bark, sawdust, wheat, corn, grass, alfalfa, peanut shells, citrus, biodegradable recycled paper, newspapers, recycled paper mill by-products, and biodegradable silica gel.It’s suitable for various small pet store with small scale capacity. Cat litter making machine had the industry standards, cost-effective, high efficiency and low maintenance .

cat litter pellet making machine

Cat litter always has some odor,it is important for cat owners. Good cat litter features strong water absorption and odor removing. Pellet is an ideal form of cat litter and it is especially easy to clean up.There are multiple ways to manufacture cat litter pellets depending on the base raw material that are used. For example, clay and silica-based material which accounts for over 70% of the market, and the eco-friendly version (wood, paper, pine, grain, corncobs, wheat grasses, etc.). Now there are condensed sand, wood sand, and crystal sand, bentonite sand, etc.

cat litter making
While clay-based pellets continue to dominate the market, growing concerns about disposing them and the potential health hazard to the pet is being a driver to adoption of eco-friendly versions.The proportion of tofu cat litter in the market increases year by year.
Tofu Cat litter is an object used by the owner to bury feces and urine for its cats. It has good water absorption. Generally, it is used together with a litter box (or cat toilet). In the litter box, the trained cat will enter the litter box and excrete it when it needs to be excreted.The advantages of tofu cat litter: environmental protection, waste utilization, you can directly flush the toilet. No harm to cats and people.There are many kinds of derivatives, adding carbon and no dust.

cat litter

Advantages cat litter pellet making machine

◆ Compact structure
A flat sequence structure is to ensure the continuous cat litter production with suitable height.
◆ Adjustable conditioner
Cat litter pellet machine can match with one-layer or double-layer conditioner according to customer’s requirements.With internationally advanced technology manufacturing.
◆ Durable driving system
Cat litter making machine adopts gear driving system, with good transmission rate, stable and reliable performance and low noise.
◆ Reasonable design
Raw material contacting parts are made by stainless steel
◆ Convenient installation
All machines are integrated for shipment, the buyer can set up the cat litter production line easily as our installation drawing.
◆ Reasonable technology
According to the customers raw material requests and their investment budget, Zeno pellet machine can supply cat litter pellet production line design to meet their requirements. It mainly contains mixer, ring die feed pellet mill, dryer, cooler and vacuum packing machine.

cat litter making machine

Technical parameters of cat litter pellet machine




1~1.5 1.5~2.5 2~4 3~6 6~10


Main Power


22 30 37 55 110 132
Feeding Power


0.75 0.75 0.75 0.75 1.5


Conditioner Power


2.2 2.2 2.2 2.2 5.5


Ring Dia


250 300 320 350 420 508
Pellet size


Φ1.5,Φ2,Φ2.5,Φ3,Φ3.5,Φ4,Φ4.5,Φ5,Φ6,Φ8 etc


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