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fish feed extrusion machine

Fish feed extrusion machine,extruded fish feed pellet processing

Pellet size : 0.9mm~15mm

Application : Catfish,tilapia, shrimps, gold-fish, tropical fish,dog,cat,bird,etc

Raw materials : Cereal,corn,wheat,barley flour, oil seed meal/cake,edible leaf, fish meal, bone powder,etc


Fish feed extrusion machine is widely used for producing grains into high-grade aquatic feed pellets for many kinds of pet like fish, catfish, shrimps, crab, cat, dog and etc.The machine can produce different sizes pellets, from 0.9mm-1.5mm,.Wet fish feed pelleting machine matched with pre-conditioner for improving the pellet properties and nutritive effects. With increased digestibility and high nutrient retention, extruded feed is highly nutritious. With the efficient processing that retains all the nutrients while efficiently integrating with your vitamin supplements, the fish will convert over 90% of the feed. This is way higher than ordinary pellets can achieve.The steam was provided by a boiler, the boiler continuously can supply hot steam to the fish feed machine extrusion part,with large capacity and quality.It’s the perfect choice for middle and large aquaculture farms or fish feed pellets processing plant. We also apply this machine in the fish feed production plant.

fish feed extruder machine price

Structure Of Fish Feed Extrusion Machine

The core working parts of the fish feed pellet machine is: preconditioning, extruding and die shaping.
♦ Main working parts can determine the machine quality directly . All our parts are manufactured from the best quality materials to make sure the service life of the components are as long as possible.
♦ Screw bolts and dies are processed through vacuum quench treatment, also be processed with high processing precision and have a long using longevity.
♦ Screw sleeve adopts jacketed construction, which can be injected in with hot steam or cooling water, thus the extruding temperature can be controlled effectively.
♦ Cutting knives adopted removable cutting mechanism with good elasticity, which attach to the die plate tenderly and can be operated quickly and accurately.
♦ Spare Parts: Due to high pressures, shear and abrasion inside the barrel of fish feed extrusion machine, the easily-worn parts like barrel, screw periodically should be replaced after long time working. The fish feed pelleting machine are of the modular design so worn components can be easily removed and replaced as needed.

structure of fish feed extrusion machine

Work Principle of Fish Feed Processing Machine

With boiler continuously providing hot steam into the conditioner, mixed materials can be fully cooked by the conditioner and the nutritional value is improved.The cooking process can results in feeds with good water stability by a high level of gelatinization of starches. The fish feed extruder is a long barrel with a screw auger inside which is specially designed to subject feed mixtures to high heat and steam pressure. When feed exits the die at the end of the barrel, trapped steam blows off rapidly, the soft warm pellets expand, and a low density floating pellet is produced. And then a cutting device will cut the formed pellets into different length as required. The extruded fish feed is discharged through the column ready for use.

fish feed extrusion machine price

Small Tips: Our fish feed extrusion machine is adopted single screw design. The extruded pellets about 80℃ and moisture content is 18%-20% from pellet mill it can’t be packed under such temperature and moisture,While for small capacity, you can dry them in the sun.if the capacity is more than 500kg/h you should equip a dryer and cooler .
Zeno Pellet Machine also provide fish feed formulation for making floating fish feed pellets.

floating fish feed pellet catfish feed pellet

Technical parameters of fish feed extrusion machine



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