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pet food extruder for sale

Automatic pet food extruder for sale ,pet food making machine supplier

Pellet size : 0.9mm~15mm

Application : Dog,cat,bird,catfish,tilapia, shrimps, gold-fish, tropical fish,etc

Raw materials : Cereal,corn,wheat,barley flour, oil seed meal/cake,edible leaf, fish meal, bone powder,etc


Pet food extruder machine is widely used for producing grain protein materials into high-grade pet food for dog ,cat ,bird,fish, shrimps, crab etc. The puffing pellets with different shape like round, triangle, flower shape and bone shape etc,you can choice different shape through change molds of the pet food extruder machine.This pet food making machine adopted extruding treatment process with high temperature and in short time. It can not only reduce the degradation of food nutrients, but also destroy the anti nutrient components and microorganism,improve the digestibility of protein starch. In pet food production, fat is usually added to improve pet food palatability. Besides, manufacturers usually add pigmented water in extruding chamber to give different colors to pet food pellet .

pet food extruder

Dry Pet Food Processing

As any other animal food processing ,we need weighing, measuring and mixing raw materials first. The next step involves adding water and steam to increase the mixture’s temperature and create a malleable dough with dry pet food production.
The mixture is passed through a type of pet food making machine called an extruder.It will be fully cooked in the pet food extruder machine – using its own friction and heat within the machine to do so – before being pushed through a die plate which gives the kibble with different shape. so the kibble can be made to look like anything you want , from little hearts or bones to ball shape pellets. For long time storage ,the kibble need to be dried to reduce moisture. At this point, the manufacturer also can coat with gravy or animal fat for taste. After cooling, the pet food can then be packaged.

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How To Get Suitable Pet Food Extruder Machine ?

Pet food processing has had to developed in recent years because market demands. Nowadays pet owners expect the highest possible standards of nutritional quality from the food they feed their companion animals. Alongside this, the demand for sustainable manufacturing and pet food packaging have put new demands on pet food manufacturers. Luckily, developments in technology have enabled pet food manufacturers to rise to meet consumer demand, with faster, more efficient production lines and environmentally-friendly pet food packaging options.The pet food machine industry is held to very high regulatory standards, with legislation in place to ensure the safety and quality of food for animals.

Zeno pellet machine cover all stages of pet food processing equipment, from raw materials grinding ,mixing ,pelleting ,packing and so on.Zeno is a leading supplier of processing and packaging equipment to the pet food industry. We can help you process and package all types of pet food, treats, jerky, kibble, pellets and more, to help pet food processors produce a higher quality product while maximizing production efficiency and profits.

If you are manufacturing pet food to be a combination of cereals, vegetables particles and meats.Zeno will give you excellent results by our extrusion technology and superb particulate management -pellet range is 0.9~15mm ! Pet food extruding technology & equipment- buy high quality pet food making machine : Guide on process of pet food production and how to start up pet food production business with limited cost in Philippines,South Korea, Tanzania, Morocco, Ghana, etc.

pet food extruder machine pet food making machine

Technical Parameters of Pet Food Extruder Machine






Cutting power


Feeding power





30-40 4 0.4 0.4 300
ZNGS55 50-60 7.5 0.4 0.4



120-150 15 0.75 0.55 650
ZNGS75 200-250 18.5 0.75 0.55



400-500 30 3 3


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