Visit Zeno Pellet Machine Factory Online

The brand comes from perseverance and the quality comes from continuous innovation.

Today, we will lead everyone to visit the Zeno Pellet Machine manufacturing workshop.

Overall preview -Modern standards • Manufacturing workshop

Entering Zeno’s manufacturing workshop, customers can understand Zeno’s comprehensive strength in manufacturing, advanced technology, product quality, and technicians team. Perceive the integrated advanced manufacturing equipment, and encounter the beautiful transformation from parts to finished equipment.

zeno pellet machine factory

Station 1 Scientific precision • Parts workshop

Every finished machine is a handicraft.We strict processing technology, strengthen quality inspection and quality control.Manufacturing a qualified feed pellet machine starting with every component.

zeno parts workshop

Station 2 Finely crafted • CNC workshop

The scientific precision laser cutting machine and numerical control bending machine improve the accuracy of production and processing. Zeno has purchased CNC equipment from famous company ,our processing equipment is more stable,which also improve production efficiency greatly at the same time.That’s called “quality and capacity coexist”

Zeno pellet machine CNC workshop

Station 3 Good machine need good appearance • Paint workshop

The meticulous spraying and baking skills ensure that the equipment surface is smooth and flat, and the color is uniform. The energy-saving and environmentally friendly photo-oxidation and anti-corrosion facilities improve the corrosion resistance and service life once again. In addition, the material and color of the machine can be customized according to customer requirements .

Zeno painting workshop

Station 4 Intelligent control of the whole production• Assembly workshop

The clear and scientific line and structure, the ingenious control system save material costs and reduce the labor intensity of the operators greatly, which control the production dynamics in real time.

Zeno assembly workshop

Station 5 Never stop • Test workshop

Quality is the life of the product and our dignity. Before delivery, each machine must be tested and rotated to ensure that the machine can work normally.Adhere to the belief in quality, and practice the same quality.

Zeno test workshop

Station 6 Perfection • Packaging workshop

Perfect packaging is the most important thing that can ensure the machine can withstand various impacts, vibrations, bumps,frictions and other external forces in the process of loading, transportation, storage, etc., so that customers can receive complete machine.

Zeno pellet machine package
Here is video of our factory ,you can visit Zeno Pellet Machine online ,also welcome to our factory for real visit!

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